Press Release: What is the Advocate and Why You Should Care

The Advocate – A New Community Publication Coming to Brant

(BRANTFORD, ON – August 23, 2011) – Residents of Brantford, Brant, Six Nations, and New Credit can look forward to a new community publication. The Advocate, a free monthly broadsheet that will be distributed throughout the area, focuses on being a voice for the stories of Brant.

“The Advocate started as an idea of how to connect people that seemed to be disconnected,” said Lucas Duguid, the Publisher of The Advocate. “We wanted to find a way to tell all of the incredible stories from our community. This publication will allow us to do that.”

The Advocate is not a newspaper. Newspapers focus on telling what, where, and when. The Advocate will focus on the who and why. Each month, The Advocate will look at what motivates, celebrates, educates, entertains, and excites the people in this community.  The publication plans to do this not by covering the events of the day, but instead, by talking about the real people and the real issues involved.

“I think that The Advocate will become a place where people can become engaged with ideas from the community,” said Marc Laferriere, Content and Social Media Strategist for The Advocate. “We can inspire people by sharing the thoughtful ideas, discussions and debates that take place in the community.”

The Advocate will feature stories from a faculty of community minded citizens from throughout Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations, and New Credit. Each month, we are looking to our faculty to advocate for this community. The Advocate will look to them to talk to the community about what is important, the people and stories that the community feel need to be spoken for.

“We want people to have a greater appreciation for all of the incredible work people selflessly do in our community on a daily basis,” said Andrew Macklin, Editor-in-Chief of The Advocate. “We believe that The Advocate will help grow that appreciation.”
The first issue of The Advocate will be distributed at establishments throughout Brant starting the first week of September. For more information about The Advocate, visit their website at

Click the image below for a larger view of the front page of the September print edition of The Advocate below.

Watch for our new editions monthly.

4 Replies to “Press Release: What is the Advocate and Why You Should Care”

  1. Roger Duck

    Congratulations on the launch of the Advocate! We're excited to be part of this ground-breaking community initiative. I salute the many contributors and authors but especially the three driving forces behind Advocate — Andrew Macklin, Lucas Duguid and Marc Laferriere. Your dedication and passion is inspirational and I look forward to watching this publication grow and mature over the coming months. Bon voyage my ambitious friends. Pack some Gravol with your swim trunks but enjoy the trip!

  2. Ronnie Gerrard

    Congratulations! A positive birth!

    I am by my very nature, a positive person. I'm told this by many people in all my many walks of life – but more importantly – I feel positive!

    I can't wait to keep reading and viewing AND interacting! Awesome work!

    Thank you

    • Gene Emslie

      The more tools in the tool box the more effective for doing the work. I have seen many folks attempt to work out problems with only a hammer and a saw, pretty messy.

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