Power Talk: Fit For Life – by Mark Gaylard

The one thing we all have is the power of choice. Equally so is our ability to make decisions. The result of our choices and decisions will directly affect the quality of lives we lead. The quality of our lives is an exact reflection of our mental, emotional, and physical state.

As a Peak Development Coach and Life Strategist, it is not only my job, but my passion, to focus on all three of these elements, both individually and collectively when working with my clients.

For the purposes of this article, I’d like to focus on your physical state; the body that houses you mental and emotional states at all times. You have nothing without your health Those are the most powerful six words you will ever hear. Prosperity, family and good fortune can only be realized to the fullest if you are in excellent physical condition. The clock is ticking for every one of us. The question remains: how effectively will you use this time?

We have all experienced the feeling of success at varying levels in our life. Success and fulfillment in your personal life and professional life is determined by the quality of the three elements I have touched on: your physical, mental and emotional health.

Where your physical body is concerned, this question may arise. When is it time to get into shape, and is it ever too late? The short answers are now and never. The human body, like our brain, is just a glorified filing system. It believes what you tell it and it reacts to how you treat it. If you have been feeding this filing system with great information, proper food, and regular exercise, the results will speak for themselves. Contrary, if this filing system has been consistently contaminated with disempowering thoughts and physical neglect, the outcome will definitely be a grim one.

If you are not currently following a structured exercise program, the first step is to just get up and move. Your body is quite happy to remain sedentary. But that demon will catch up with you sooner or later. Movement is the key to all physiological shifts in the body. If your weight is an issue, step on the scale once, then throw it away. The mirror, unlike a spouse or best friend, never lies. Success with your physical body takes the same commitment, as does anything else you have worked hard to achieve in life. Adding 30 to 6o minutes of movement per day, walking, stationary bike, treadmill or swimming, will instantly cause your body to react. You don’t get fit by doing something once in a while. You get fit by doing it consistently. Repetition when done correctly is the formula for mastering everything.

To be fit for life, you have to indulge yourself daily to get the result you want. The first step is always the hardest. Like the first time you tried to tie your shoes, strap on a pair of skies or drove a car. It was repeating these tasks that created excellence. The same repetition holds true for you physical body. Ask and you shall receive, demand it from your body and it will deliver. Depending on how old you are, there maybe years of negative momentum to overcome. I have worked with countless men and women struggling to overcome the curse of old patterns and destructive behaviours. My goal as a coach is to interrupt those patterns and change the belief system.

Bob, for the sake of anonymity, was a client of mine who had to make a tremendous shift in his behaviour in order to survive. As much as I agreed to coach him through his physical transformation, it would be more important for me to shift his mental state to achieve the ultimate outcome. Bob was a successful business owner in the eyes of his peers. In the eyes of his friends and family, Bob was doing very well, actually better than most. He had a beautiful home on a corner lot. The house was situated in a great neighbourhood. Typically, Bob and his wife had two vehicles, and one he cherished driving on perfect sunny days during the summer.

Bob’s wife worked part time in his business as the office manager. She was a striking lady in her mid-50’s who kept fit by playing tennis, walking, and taking classes at the gym. Bob had three children, a daughter who was following in her father’s professional footsteps and two strapping sons in their last years of high school.

On paper, Bob’s life looked pretty darn good until he received a paper, which shattered all that immediately. The paper came in the form of a Doctor’s report. Bob, who was already overweight had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic.

Bob was not that much different than a large section of today’s population. His eating habits had deteriorated over the years. Many times, he was reduced to a drive-thru coffee accompanied by a fast food breakfast in the morning. Bob would more often than not run on a tight schedule all day, seeing clients without a break until the end of the business. Having dinner out three or four times a week was more a matter of convenience than anything else.

There was a time in his life when he made an effort to go to the gym, and he actually enjoyed it. But that had all changed over the last ten years. Bob no longer made time for himself or his personal health. That time had become over-shadowed by a growing family and a business that seemed to occupy the rest of the clock.

The thought of being on high blood pressure medication, then adding daily injections of insulin, frightened the hell out of this middle-aged professional. He was forced to take a long hard look at himself the mirror. What he saw was not only the here and now, but the what-ifs of the future. What if he didn’t change these habits? What if he continued to eat poorly and neglect his health? What if he died as a result ?! And worse, what if he lived but suffered a stroke or a heart attack that disabled him to a point where he was still alive inside his body, but the body didn’t function and he needed full-time help from his wife or a nurse? What if he didn’t die but worse, survived in a debilitated state where he could no longer contribute and enjoy life, and had to rely on those around him to take care of him.

What If That Happened to You????

The light bulb of choice went off in his head. Bob could choose to continue to live like this, or he could choose to do something about it. I am happy to say Bob made the right choice. It was not an easy road and it was definitely not a quick fix. It was a lifestyle make-over.

I worked with Bob for almost six months, and partnered with him until he lost over 50 pounds. He continues to exercise to this day and has maintained the weight loss. As a result of his commitment to be fit for the rest of his life, Bob is not taking high blood pressure medication. He has avoided any chance of getting diabetes through exercise and proper nutrition. And more importantly, he is present: present for his kids, present for his wife, and present to succeed in his business.

As simple as it sounds, it all started when I told Bob, that step one was to just move. So, if after three weeks of exercise you feel you are not seeing results, remind yourself of the years of neglect you have to surpass. Remind yourself that there is a Bob out there in all of us, who was in your shoes determined to succeed, and did! The results will come, and when they do, celebrate all the small victories. Stay true to your goal. This is not about dieting. Your goal is to create a lifestyle change, a change that consists of a combination of lean foods, staying hydrated, and increasing your cardiovascular fitness. For change to happen it has to be lasting and consistent. So commit to being consistent!

You have one body, one life, two choices. The alternative to being fit, lean, healthy and rejuvenated, maybe the life you are living now. The question is how long are you willing to continue this behaviour, and how long will your body hold out? Don’t wait like Bob to get a report from the doctor to make the right decision. Don’t wait till New Year’s to make a resolution that 95% of the time never holds true. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Make that commitment to yourself now, a commitment that will not only affect you, but the people who are most important to you in your life.

A physical transformation, from fat to fit, flawed to flawless is a journey worth traveling.

Commit to be fit for life. 

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