Featured Advertiser: Ignight The Flame April 20-22

– by Victoria Kaye

As the world begins to prepare Earth Day celebrations, in the “Telephone City” of Brantford, Ontario a devoted group will be making a very special call – a call that will vibrate across the globe and its dial tone will sound more like a resonating “OM”. 

Ignite the Flame is a three-day event for those curious about alternative ways to heal Planet Earth’s inner core. “It begins with healing our own inner being,” states event creator and organizer Sara Klassen. “As global warming and climate changes are affecting Mother Earth, they are affecting each and every one of us, as environmental, social and personal stresses play serious havoc within us!”

The three-day Earth Day celebration, to be held at the Brantford Best Western Conference Centre on April 20-22 originated from Sara’s internal desire for well-being. Not a spiritual activist or practitioner, a year ago this woman discovered the power of meditation, and how easily negative feelings can be effectively changed when positive, reaffirming thoughts are introduced into daily living.

It’s not governed by the ‘Law of Attraction’, but by the ‘Law of Energy’ and through natural vibration, as Sara believes the mind and body of mankind are connected. For her, the best way to reconnect is through the power of meditation. “Meditation is usually thought upon as a way to run away from mental stress, but in fact, it’s a natural way to re-charge the power of the mind. Through the practice of mindfulness, we can learn to develop greater calmness, clarity and insight. And as mankind and Planet Earth are connected, why not truly make a connection, using the means of mindfulness meditation.

 “True change happens with repetitive behavior and cannot happen in just one day. Most Earth Day celebrations encourage all to increase recycling efforts or go without energy, only to revert, a few hours later…” Sara explains as mankind is use to conveniences, “…and changing habits takes 90 days on average. This is why the concept of “Ignite the Flame” has the potential of being so powerful – it brings the experienced and beginner together, and then continues generating energy, as each and everyone continues their personal efforts to healing themselves. It’s an ever circle of healing energy.”

Energy affects our lives and what’s around us. “We are all ‘one’ and through helping each other, we help ourselves… and in turn, help the planet heal.” That is exactly what Sara is hoping to achieve with the closing ceremonies of this ‘first of its kind in Canada’ weekend. The ‘Power Hour’ meditation for 500 starts promptly at 10:30am on Sunday, April 22nd, with sound healing with the Soul Sound Drummers leading into the guided 30 minute mindfulness meditation resonating from the main conference hall at the Best Western. 

“The power of the mind is ever healing, as we all know a sound mind makes for a sound and healthy body.” Sara shares how through positive thoughts, as well as consuming healthy foods, we can create the most natural energy; and in turn, create clarity through a new found awareness, which is achieved through mindfulness and meditation. 

This is why the days leading up to the ‘Power Hour’ includes several wellness seminars and workshops, along with numerous (30+) vendors in a ‘market’ setup on Saturday, April 21st, starting at 8:00am. Everything offered over the three days is promoting alternative healing solutions to further “ignite” the inner flame for internal well-being. Janet Jacks of Goodness Me has a store opening soon in Brantford and she will be talking about the new acronym in the food chain, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), and Organic foods.

And opening the three-day Earth Day celebration, beginning at 6:30pm on Friday, April 20th with keynote motivational speaker, life coach and author, Elfreda Pretorius, who will help you to renew your sense of purpose! Her best-selling book Stop Struggling Start Living speaks of life’s journey to awareness, where the infinite power of the subconscious mind opens the door to all possibilities.

“If only we could get everyone thinking about the world in a positive, loving way. We have the ability to change the world as we know it, and it all starts within our own being. Igniting our own inner flame!” says Sara innocently, with an empowering sweetness. 

This Earth Day, it’s time for change, and that change begins with you! Come out April 20th to 22nd to Ignite the Flame. For presentation times and tickets, visit www.ignitetheflame.ca or call 519-802-5816 for details.  


Friday, April 20th  7:00 to 9:00pm (Doors open 6:30pm) $15 each

Keynote Speaker – Elfreda Pretorius


Saturday, April 21st   8:00am to 6:00pm   $5 entrance fee

Market Lane with main stage presentations on:

  • GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) & Organic Food Goodness Me
  • Meditation Techniques & The Power Of Yoga   The Welkin Centre
  • Natural Cleaning Products   The Queen of Green Canada
  • Environment And Oneness    Jenikz
  • Reflexology & Law of Attraction    Healing Soles
  • Grouding, Shielding & Clearing    The Healing Place that Cares 
  • Animal Hospice & Animal Intuitive    Life Is Soul Song Art
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)    Michelle Kwasnik 
  • Aromatherapy    Ed Rickwood 

Sunday, April 22nd  10:00am to 12:30pm  $5 entrance fee

10:30 Sound Healing  Soul Song Drummers

11:00 Earth Day Guided Group Meditation Live Stream Broadcast

Weekend Pass to all three-days (includes reserved spot for Group Meditation on Sunday) $20 each


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