We’re Sorry (Brian Beattie, @FHBrantford)

Last month I wrote my first Advocate article – it was called We’re on a Mission from God. Since I’ve never been one to beat around the bush, I figured for my plunge into the Advocate world I might as well just tell the story of how my family and I ended up in Brantford – on what we believe, is literally a “Mission from God” (which made the title very appropriate I thought).

The article instigated a number of great conversations that I thoroughly enjoyed. These conversations confirmed some perceptions that I had known for some time, but as a Christian and a Pastor of a local church, had wished would just go away. But, as you know, things don’t just go away. 

So, a few days ago, I googled “christians are…”

Here’s the top 10 responses from the search:

  1. hypocrites
  2. crazy
  3. ignorant 
  4. like manure
  5. annoying
  6. delusional
  7. brainwashed
  8. arrogant
  9. hate-filled hypocrites
  10. not perfect

Therefore, although I do not think I specifically have the right to speak on behalf of all of Christendom, I will risk it anyways and simply say — “WE’RE SORRY”! (and thank God for #10).

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