Destination Downtown - John Bradford

Destination Downtown (John Bradford, @downtownbrantfd)

For decades, downtown Brantford had been a draw and ‘bustling’ heart of the community. At one time it was the family businesses and unique services, the market and entertainment, but most especially the people that are recalled in the reminiscing of many.
And do you know what? It’s even better now!
New businesses have been opening every month this summer, even more have plans and special announcements to come. The post-secondary student vibrancy is exploding this month. So what is the relevance to social media and the BIA? We have captured the attitude.  The ‘Downtown Brantford’ facebook page has gone viral. The goodwill and positive nature is reflected in the faces of the folks that have re-discovered downtown and those that are ambassadors for the events and activities. Facebook has been incredible. It has offered in-depth analytics showing the demographics of those loving the imagery BIA presents. That alone is a valuable tool for new investors in revitalization in the core. Plus, the urban myths are dissolving as we see residential growth, positive, clean, safe and enjoyable use of our core. We encourage everyone to ‘share’ and ‘like’ the pics we publish on facebook and then do the same thing and compete for space on our facebook page by being part of the solution and by submitting your pics for posterity to be shared.
Downtown Brantford is bustling again…thanks to you. Send me your stuff at  Let’s work together to show the real Downtown Brantford to the rest of the world.

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