I Will Be Here Now (Layne Becker Grime)

I will preface this piece by confessing that I am a sap: sentimental to the core. I get teary-eyed at strangers’ weddings, have inevitably bawled through Rilla of Ingleside more times than I can count on one hand, and love playing ‘remember that time,’ with my dearest friends.

So, without further ado, I am taking this small white space to pound out some of my closest heart thoughts at the moment.

Life is worth celebrating. I love life-exploring, discovering, dreaming, and documenting moments as I go. I believe in intentionally memorializing the milestones. Remembering, in the busyness of life, to stop and rejoice in the significant, and in all the small moments in between.

There is enough in the world to keep me in a constant state of cynicism, doubt, and anger. Injustice makes me so angry I could cry.

But I will choose to hope, to live, and to remember thankfulness in the midst of the mess.

This month marks my husband’s and my one year anniversary. It also holds the one year birthday of my husband starting his own photography business, a lifelong dream of his. And, later this month I am flying to Texas to stand up beside one of my dearest friends as she says “I do,” to the man of her dreams.

These moments matter; I will not let them pass me by.

So, as my days quickly fill with the mundane, like running errands, doing laundry, and grocery shopping, I am committed to doing the cheesy things like stopping to smell the proverbial daisies.

In the midst of bills, decisions, hard moments,
I will stop to seek out the sunsets.
I will invest in my community, and look for ways to honor my friends.
I will stop and hold my husband’s hand for a few moments longer.
I will linger in the grey of early morning, and breathe in deep.
I will be here now.

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