The Play (Samantha Nagthall)

We vacillate, in our love and hate,

Resolve weakens on faulty wires.

Destined we are to fulfill our fate, yet…

In this madness I am inspired.


We push and pull yet neither falls,

(Foolish egos so easily amused.)

Emotions find refuge in unanswered calls,

You can pretend — but it’s no use.


Buried sentiments find freedom in ink!

Burdened heart.  Spews forth.  Unleashed.

Words selected force thoughtful imagery, while

Wounds on mend cut anew and bleed.


In depth and breadth, I am swallowed whole.

Desperate pleas fail wretchedly in rescue.

Kindred are we.  Bound together.  One soul.

Our love retiring this venue.


The End.

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