Tyler’s World! (Melissa Broughton)

As Tyler skateboards up to the house, it’s quite noticeable he has had a great day at the local skate park here in Brantford. Covered in scrapes, nicks & scratches this 22 year old skateboard innovator is living the dream!

I have known Tyler Vinnai for a year, and clearly his passion is skateboarding and teaching skateboard lessons. You could say Tyler and skateboarding go together like peanut butter and jam. I find it quite refreshing to see a young person so clearly in his element and sharing his passion with the youth of Brantford.

You can usually find Tyler at the skate park, drawing young crowds due to his rad skate tricks, hip style and charismatic personality. He is definitely a role model for those younger than him, and even those of us who are older when he flies by on his skateboard to work.

If you have ever met Tyler, he is most recognizable for his award-winning smile & has a way of inspiring you to get out there and follow you dream just as he is doing. Attending Brantford skateboarding contests, it’s apparent of Tyler’s talent by the cheers of the spectators and prizes he wins. What touches the hearts of those around him is when he distributes his prizes to the kids attending the events so everyone feels included.

I, myself have never been able to master the art of even standing on a skateboard even though Tyler has tried to teach me, but I’m inspired by him. It goes a long way when someone is patient in teaching you, which I have seen reflected in how Tyler teaches youth about this incredible sport.

Modest in compliments, Tyler is most content to just go for a long skateboard ride, getting some more scratches, cuts of course. The life lesson I have learned from Tyler, is try and live life at a slower pace, enjoy your talents, but most of all, pass your experience and talent to those younger than us.

Tyler got involved with skateboarding as a child, going through numerous broken boards along with countless hours perfecting his tricks. He has the scars to prove it. Today, Tyler has amassed a collection of unique skateboard, some even custom designed by this talented artist. It’s Tyler’s pride and joy to show everyone the boards he designed, but has no qualms about letting you test them out time and time again.

I have had numerous conversations with Tyler regarding this passion of his, and each conversation is filled with new ideas he has for the sport, how he enjoys skating with the youth at the skate park, and how he wishes more kids would get out there and enjoy the skateboarding sport. Brantford has some amazing skateboarding spots, but what’s incredible to me, is how Tyler helps preserve these skateboarding hotspots by picking up trash, broken materials and debris. For such a young person, he definitely is very eco-friendly, which I believe Brantford is all about. Community involvement is in Tyler through and through. I am so thrilled to share the story of this young man, as I believe this is a true example of someone making a difference right here in our own back yard. Kudos to Tyler!

Tyler is a veteran at skateboarding, keeping it thriving here in Brantford. According to him, he doesn’t plan to give it us any time soon. And frankly, why should he! If you take anything at all from this article it’s when you fall off your skateboard, you get right back on and ride!

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