Smokey Hollow Three Months Later by Lynne Josheph

Well, Bob and I have now lived here almost three months. It is outstanding to get up in the morning and have coffee outside on our patio while deer and rabbits frolic in the field. Our dog would love to play tag, but alas, we must keep her tied.

Being in the country (our little community is just outside of Brantford) we have the benefit of lots of cool breeze when it’s really hot, peace and quiet, friendly neighbours (most of whom have little dogs) and people on hand immediately when help is needed. No longer do we trim trees, cut grass or wash windows. At our age these things would be time-consuming and difficult, possibly causing physical damage to say the least.

We have lunch each Wednesday courtesy of the land owner. We own our house, they own the land. Each Wednesday is a surprise. We all meet up at our Country Club outside at the picnic tables, discuss our families, our week so far, etc. It is lovely to see so many smiling faces.

Our house is almost completely arranged. We have been unpacking, unloading and donating yet again.  Having moved three times in three years this, we believe, will be the last. We OWN this home. I have begun to paint again as the things needed for this have finally been found and arranged. I will soon finish my book Every Kid Can Read. The stress that came with living in places where your neighbour might steal your car, or cause a fire, is gone. Not being alone during the day, having a neighbour who is willing to help if needed, is also good. I was told when we came here that this is a “family”. Everyone looks out for everyone else. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after these many weeks I am learning that this is indeed true.

We are about 20 minutes from anything we need in town. This is far enough away to feel safe, avoid the noise and pollution and still feel comfortable within this community.

I now belong to the Knit and Knatter group and Bob is a volunteer fireman. We do the dinners once a week at the Country Club, sometimes a potluck, and sometimes a small fee is charged to cover the cost of food. And we communicate. We are healthier than we have been in a couple of years. The cleaner air is a great bonus. Yes, we have rag weed, trees and flowering plants around us but this doesn’t seem to bother either of us too much. It is so much more relaxed. Stress is the enemy. Lessen the stress; lessen the effects caused by it.

It is September and I went to my first “All you can eat Pancake Breakfast” which they do the first Saturday of each month. Because they run it from 9am until 12pm you have lots of time to get up, get dressed and go.

Soft, fluffy pancakes (my favourite), two plump, perfectly cooked sausages, muffins, tea, coffee etc.  was a pleasant surprise. When you walk into the hall the smell of coffee reaches out and grabs you. The delicious scent of cooking sausage makes your mouth water. This is a whole new experience for me.

One little fellow had 6 pancakes. Where do they put it all at that age? Everyone was laughing, chatting and eating. It was very enjoyable. Dishes are simple and disposable. Each pancake (I do one at a time) is cooked to perfection.

After breakfast I went out to watch the folks playing shuffleboard and mini golf. I can’t do these things but am waiting for darts to begin. We have moved to paradise. I am enjoying each day and waiting to see what winter will bring.

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