POEM: Searching for Nature (Amanda Kelly, @AJaquesKelly)


Through ancient civilization’s demise,
To modern culture, where nature is blind to our eyes.
Easter Island’s moai statues once trampled the earth,
While contemporary society desperately needs a rebirth.
Once lost in a vast Pacific Ocean,
Now found in some brave notion,
That our culture will sustain through innovation.
Yet disturbed footprints pollute parts of our renovation.
Ecological mortality and ideologies are a threat,
So we put blinders on in hopes that we do not regret.
The pillars once tall represent a culture’s eternity,
Only collapse through greed, envy, and loss of identity.
With our repeated mistakes, we do not tread lightly,
And as we disconnect from nature, she roars mightily.
Once harvesting traditions of abundant fruit,
Has become a harvest of forest in which we loot.
The green of our nature is seen in the green of our dollars,
While we find oversimplified excuses and are believed to be squallers.
Yet all hope is in our hands,
Despite our befouled tar sands.
As long as we reconnect with true culture,
Through our communities and family’s sculpture.
We must remain conscious in our decisions to protect:
Nature, traditions, stories, and the values in which we respect.
With differential confidence, we can succeed,
At initiating a process in which we need.
Through environmental awareness and active participation,
Perhaps will transpire nature’s reconciliation.

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