A Poem: Mystery by Herb Harker

The other night I had a dream, and felt the hand of God

A little child was in my sight, the aged on his right

He ordered me to read the writings there of every book

Then behold, the task was done, before my very eyes.

“Tell me now of what you read, and answer me with truth”

Spoke the word within the dream; I answered him with dread.



{While searching for a piece of gold within the pens of man

There is no word that can be found, by eye of any one.

Wisdom hidden in the words, and oh, how they do play

Dancing in a rhyming myth, that flesh can never slay.

Be they false; said I too God, that’s written by the pen

For all be knowledge handed down, from pen to pen to pen

What we think we know we know, we never know for sure

Duty bound the pen of man, the pen of men a sword}.



All is false, except the letters, making up her name

In the desert where she fled, there be an open door

There upon a road so steep that’s crooked and abhorred

There she waits with open arms by love she is adored

Wisdom is the bride of God; with love she bides her time

Riding on the mists of all the Spirit ever called

For all be one and one is all within the God you know

Father /Spirit / then the Son, were sent to tell you how.




 {There be for sure a plan was stamped, but tell me if you can; Where is love and where is man

who walks that hallowed plan?

All is dead and all is lost with flesh upon our bones, here and there and everywhere

we built our self a home.

Here on Earth we changed the world with silver and with gold, cutting off the hand of God

from all that you have sown

Words of love and promises, upon the face of man}

Tell me man what have you said, and don’t you realize?

All the things I’ve sent to you are not for burnished sand.

There will be a nation built and there upon the gate

Chosen; from the land of men, a change of heart instead.

Justice here and justice there, completely different things.

{In the morning I did wake and gazed upon the war, gazed upon the

Poverty that men of Earth have borne. Gazed upon the hopelessness

Of children everywhere, here am I a useless wreck within the sands of time.

Communism/Socialism runs their banner high, Liberals/Conservative

pie within the sky. Capitalism, all the rest, designed to blind the eye.

Son of God when will you, then, descend to show us how?}


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