I Remember – a poem by Anne Minnery

I remember when I look at my Dad, What it must have been like for him as a lad, I remember the stories he tells with such flare, Of the times, good and bad, that he used to share With his family and friends, with his workmates and chums, But there’s one time in his life, he shares with no-one.

When in his teens and preparing for life, He thought of the future, he thought of a wife, But before he could start to think of much more, He was called into service – the Second World War. He served in the Navy, with the Merchant Marines, Never telling of the horrors he’d seen.

For four years he sailed and battled and won Along with his comrades, a good job was done. They defeated the enemy, they silenced the foe, Once more the homeland could continue to grow. But those memories he keeps close to his vest, He shares with us only the badge on his chest. When War was over, he was filled with pride, To start life in Canada, family by his side. All year he would work, with his kids he would play, But he would set aside one special day, The day of remembrance, the one day alone To remember lost comrades, some names not even known.

Yes, I remember when I look at my Dad, What it must have been like for him as a lad, His gait has slowed now, he moves not so fast, But he still can recall those times in the past When he served his country and gave all that he had, He’s more than a hero – I call him my Dad!

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