A Poem by Jennifer York

Running, laughing,

falling. Feeling the softness cushion my legs.

The sharpness of grass slice between my naked toes.

I lay back dizzy, feeling the warmth seep through my body.

The wind caresses my hair.

I close my eyes, seeing nothing but feeling everything.

My heart is beating loudly, rhythmically. Synchronized with my breathing.

I don’t dare move.

My ears pick up the sound of life.

I listen more attentively as it gets louder.

The sound rushes through my blood, as it carries oxygen through my cells.

I hold my breath for one split second. Everything stops.

As if some unforeseen force is also to listening and waiting.

I slowly exhale.

It was if an orchestra was waiting for the conductor to start.

I am the conductor.

I am alive.

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