A Letter to Ward 5 (Brian Van Tilborg, @BrianVanTilborg)

I love Ward 5.

I moved into this ward from Burford as a teenager in the 70s and still live here today. Right away Ward 5 became my new home. I attended Pauline Johnson Collegiate during those formative years, got involved right away and never stopped.

Ward 5 is my home, my community, and an area I am very passionate about. For many years, my friends and neighbours in the ward have asked for me to run municipally.

Today I am announcing my intent to run in Ward 5 and be elected as their member of Brantford City Council.

People who know me, know that I will stand up and represent them. I have spent many years at the doors in Ward 5 getting to know my neighbours so that I could better advocate for them.

As an active member of the community and a former coordinator of an employment action centre in the neighbourhood I have had the absolute pleasure of helping literally hundreds of local residents and I want to continue that work as a representative for Ward 5.

I’ve taken a stand on many issues in my years and stood with some amazing local people to do so. I’m proud to have taken stands on controversial issues like unemployment, abusive temp agencies, environmental protection, anti-poverty work and pride friendly cities – to name just a few.

I’m also proud to work with my friends and neighbours on business retention, small business development, training for adults and young people, and various community consultations.

I’m proud to be known as someone who will listen to, work with, and stand up for our neighbourhood. I’ll also work with our provincial, federal and other municipal partners for the betterment of our city as a whole.

Fiscal responsibility and getting the most benefit and best deal from a dollar is important to me. I learned from my hard working mom when I was the youngest child with 2 brothers and a sister being raised on a single income, and later from my time running an employment centre on a very small budget.

That centre – just like my mom taught us growing up – was very effective

and always came in under budget while exceeding expectations and giving back. I’d be very happy to bring that same perspective to city council and look forward to the opportunity to do so with your support.

Myself and my crew of volunteers will be working in Ward 5 all summer and

fall to make sure you are heard and to answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to reach me at vantilborgba@gmail.com or 519 759 3269.

All my best to you neighbour,

– Brian Van Tilborg

Candidate for Brantford’s Ward 5


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