Flight Deck 2014 Rotary Charity Airshow – Dare To Dream

A ‘flight deck’, in aviation terminology, is otherwise known as the cockpit of an aircraft. It is also a descriptor of the landing surface on an aircraft carrier, a point of departure and arrival.

Imagine if you will, the awestruck eyes of a child experiencing their first flight in a small plane: the wonderment; the thrill; the nervous gut tingling; the fantastic dreams of exploration.

Flight Deck 2014 is designed to share these emotions with kids representing clients of Lansdowne Children’s Centre and The Brantford Boys and Girls Club as an introduction for them to the 2014 Rotary Charity Airshow.

Each flight is a mission. The young Commander of that mission is tasked to find a landmark in Brantford or Brant County such as Bell Homestead, Downtown Paris, Lorne Bridge, the High Level bridge over the Grand River and dozens more.

On board each flight is a photographer from the Brant Camera Club. They are to photograph the child’s reactions, document the conversation and, of course, visually record the successful mission as assigned.

This project is a collaboration by many generous people.

The Brantford Flying Club is critical in the success of this endeavour. They have donated all the aircraft and about 40 pilots to give the most number of kids this experience. Many don’t realize how active our local Flying Club is: flight school and aircraft rentals; regional transportation expectations; maintenance, service, aircraft housing and hospitality for pilots from near and far; television commercials and movie scenes shot on the runways; disaster training exercises; and a staff that prides itself in meeting the needs of the flying public, private or commercial.

Lansdowne Children’s Centre serves the needs of thousands of kids in the region. It is a children’s treatment centre for children with physical, communication and/or developmental needs located in Brantford. They offer special needs kids the help they deserve in: Optometry and Orthotics clinics; Autism and Infant/ Child development services; Occupational and Speech and Language therapy; and much more. Their caring and professional staff are devoted to the kids. What a joy to see this centre of excellence serving our family needs.

Brantford Boys and Girls Club serves a different demographic, the majority being economically disadvantaged families with kids between the ages of 5 and 10. The vision is to give children and youth a chance to discover and achieve their dreams in order to grow up as healthy, successful and active participants in society. Given their mission and this project’s similarity, everyone is focused on giving the kids new experiences and overcome barriers in order to build positive relationships.

The Brant Camera Club is volunteering over a dozen photographers to document this celebration of flight, new experiences, and daring to dream in our community.

The Rotary Club of Brantford is the driving force behind all of this relationship between the donor recipients and the organization of the Rotary Charity Airshow on Wednesday August 27th. Their emphasis on local kids and the club motto of ‘Service Before Self’ threads through the fabric of our community with humility and commitment.

On Facebook, follow the heartfelt and intimate stories and images of enchantment and pride in accomplishment for the kids. Watch for Flight Deck 2014, feel free to comment, share and ‘like’ the messages, and join us in celebrating this fantastic gesture by so many on behalf of the future of our world decision makers.

Help us help them to Dare to Dream…the magic of flight.

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